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Catering for barbeques in Galway

As I sit here at my desk looking out the window at the pouring rain, it’s hard to believe we were catering for a barbeque two days ago in the searing sunshine!  As  Galway barbeque caterers , we have to try to look at the positive aspects to this downpour of rain.  Surely it will assist our herb garden to flourish with abundant growth before our next Galway barbeque this coming weekend.  Here, at green olive Galway caterers, we marry our passion for gardening with our love of food.  One of my favourite barbeque treats is gremolata chicken.  We cut fresh herbs from our organic herb garden, combine them with the zest and juice of every citrus fruit we can get our hands on and marinate the chicken in this fresh and zesty marinade.  The result is simply divine.  Such a super healthy barbeque catering option.  If you’re looking for Galway barbeque caterers, give us a call…..

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