catering galwayPancake Tuesday by Green Olive catering Galway!

Tomorrow is pancake Tuesday and here at Green Olive Catering Galway, we love nothing more than the aroma of delicious buttery crepes filling our kitchen with smells that bring us back to our childhood!


We tend to lean more in the direction of crepes over pancakes, the difference being that melted butter (only the best quality, none of that low fat stuff) is added to the recipe.  This gives the mixture an added layer of richness, taste and most importantly, it makes them light as a feather!  One of our favourite recipes is by Nigella Lawson, please see the link below….

Like the good lady, we at green olive catering Galway, like our crepes unadulterated as such, simply dressed with lemon and sugar!  There are a myriad of fillings for those of you who like to experiment, one of our favourites is spinach, feta cheese and some nice chilli glazed gammon. Yum!

We, at green olive catering Galway, always find that the pan needs to be well seasoned, so generally the first pancake is a sacrificial offering in order to prep your frying pan for the rest to follow.  We only ever use high quality real Irish butter, never oil.  The butter will burn of course, so, as with most cooking on the hob, its all about controlling the heat.  Don’t be afraid to whip the pan off the flame to allow it to drop temperature.  In our house, the crepes barely make it on to a plate, as there are always little mouths circulating the cooker!

We like to chop up loads of delicious fruit for our crepes here at Green Olive catering Galway.  A little chocolate sauce for those of you with an extra sweet tooth is always a nice treat.

We wish you all a very happy pancake Tuesday tomorrow, happy cooking!





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