Wedding caterers Galway, preparations are underway…..

wedding caterers galway

Award winning wedding caterers Galway, Green Olive are hard at work…..

Check out how green olive wedding caterers Galway are preparing to give our latest bride and groom the wedding menu of their dreams….


Wedding caterers Galway; Amid the blustery gales and driving winds, things are all go here in wedding caterers Galway at green olive wedding catering in preparation for Barbara and Michael’s wedding which we are catering on New Years eve.  Barbara is opting for the delicious salmon gravlax from our wedding caterers galway menu (see featured image).  The process of making the graxlax takes many days. It is a traditional Norwegian method used to preserve the salmon.  The fish is washed with whiskey and covered in dried dill, then it is pressed under heavy weights.  It is turned daily for ten days and voila, salmon gravlax.  Time is the important factor in this particular dish.   People often mistake it for smoked salmon, but it is a different method to smoking completely.  Smoking is a method we are more familiar with here in Ireland.  Graxlax has a completely different texture to smoked salmon.  We serve it with a delicious wasabi foam and cucumber noodles.  Wasabi is a Japanese hot mustard traditionally served with sushi, we suspend it in a light and airy foam which couples magnificently with the gravlax.  Cucumber noodles add a fresh dimension to the dish ensuring balance on the plate.  Consider it like the yin to the salmon’s yang!  When we are creating a new dish for our wedding caterers Galway menu, we are always looking to create a fusion of tastes which will provide a delicate balance on the palate.  Keep watching for more tantalising snippets from Barbara and Michaels wedding menu….


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